This is my visual inspiration Tumblr, it's all stuff that inspires me (and) is SFW.
If anything is un-sourced, it's because it's from my vaults and I've lost the track of where I got it.

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ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho


Wooden Strip Staircases by Jouin Manku

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of ‘Jouin Manku’ re-designed an eighteenth-century building to create a 55-room hotel and adjoining restaurant; the crown jewel is the wooden staircase encircled by strips of oak.

The wooden staircase begins at the entrance level and sits between the open kitchen and a circular bar. The timber strips extend off the staircase and run along the back wall. The oak spirals also create handrails for the wooden staircase.

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Ruti Clothing Boutique/nicole hollis
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Ruti Clothing Boutique/nicole hollis

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possible greenland by quarsoq tegnestue, clement & carlsen architects and tegnestuen vandkunsten 

Ooh, do this with shipping containers? Yesss.

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A Frank Lloyd Wright kitchen, Phoenix


Built for his son this Frank Lloyd Wright home recently survived a near miss with the wrecking ball. Article and slide show here.

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